2-Year-Old Quoteables (A Year in Review)

From the moment Gabriel said his first complete sentence at 22 months (“Don’t be greedy, Mom”), I knew I was going to need to start writing things down.  Seeing as this little charmer’s 3rd birthday is just around the corner, I thought I’d show off a few Gabriel quoteables from this year.


Originally, I started keeping this handwritten journal and adding everything he said or did to it that made me laugh.


However, considering how much more I enjoy typing (you’d never guess, right?), I’ve decided to keep it all in a digital file from now on and just print-off the list at the end of the year.  Hopefully this will simplify the process and make it easier to do for my other children as well.  The idea is to have a complete booklet for each child so we can look through all the amusing quotes when the ‘adorable little days’ are behind us.

So without further adieu…  I give you Gabriel’s 2-year-old highlights.

“I like big TRUCKS and I cannot lie…”

Gabriel, (over breakfast): “Milk, please?”
Me: “No, drink your water.”
Gabriel: *sigh* Okay, wine.
Me: “What? Uh, I don’t think so.”
Gabriel: “Coffee?”

Oh, and these are Gabriel’s ‘boobs’. His BIG boobs. The boobs that Nina gave to him… At least, so he told me.


 Gabriel pointing to the characters in his Joseph story book: “That’s Joseph, and that’s John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.”     Me: “Huh?”  Gabriel: “That’s Joseph’s daddy.” (He got the Jacob part right, anyway)

Gabriel, to Me: “Hello, princess. Wanna go to the mall?” (He’s going to be an awesome husband someday.)

Me:  “Are you reading your Pinocchio book?”  Gabriel: “No, this is my Bible.”
Me: “No, that’s not your Bible. That’s Pinocchio.”
Gabriel: “No, here’s David and the Giant.” *pointing to Pinocchio and Gepetto, flips a few pages* “And here’s Jonah and the whale.”

“Gabriel, is your diaper dirty? Do I need to change you?”
Gabriel: “It’s okay, mom. You can just sit. You can just go sit and relax.”

Me, getting off the phone with a puppy caller: “Yes, Larry. Just let me know if you need anything. Bye.”
Gabriel looks up at me with wide eyes and asks slowly in disbelief: “Are you talking to Larry the Cucumber?”

Gabriel: “Ugh. Wine tastes yucky.” …Hands me an opened bottle of olive oil.

Gabriel to Matthias, who was ‘baby talking’ quite enthusiastically:  “Really, ‘Thias! You don’t say!”

Gabriel, pointing to the Red Sea part of Prince of Egypt: “Here come the bad guys with their mowers!” (chariots)

Gabriel, after playing on his own on the porch for a while, pops his head through my kitchen door and says quite matter-o’-factly: “Mom, the Queen of Sheba is here.”

Gabriel, while reciting his catechism over breakfast.
Me: What were our first parents made out of?
Gabriel: God made Adam from the dust of the earth, and formed Eve from Adam’s… toast! *erupts into maniacal laughter*

After a dramatic sword fighting scene, Gabriel stumbles to the floor and says “I’m dead.”
Me: “You’re not dead. You’re still talking.”
He closes his mouth.
Me: “You’re still moving.”
Gabriel lays very still.
Me: “Your eyes are still open.”
He closes them and lays very still for a few seconds. Then he jumps up. “Mom, being dead is not very fun that way.”

Me: “Gabriel, pass me your plate so I can serve you some fish.”
Gabriel, frowning suspiciously: “Fish? Real fish?”
Me: “Yes, real fish.”
Gabriel, unconvinced, stands up in his chair and peers over the serving dish. “That’s fish? Is it swimming?”
Me: “No, it’s not swimming. It’s dead.”
Gabriel: “Oh.”(after tasting it) “I like dead fish. Dad, do you want some dead fish too?”

Gabriel: “No, Mom. No, Mom. Don’t sing.”
Me: “But singing is good. God made us to sing.”
Gabriel, with a solemn shake of his head: “No, Mom. God made us to read books.”

Gabriel, in total seriousness… “Which car are we taking to Grandma’s house? The blue car? The white car? Or maybe… Maybe we can fly on a dragon. Yes, I think that would make me very happy.”

After being given a little Spider beanie baby, Gabriel plays with it by alternately stepping on it and squashing it with a book.  Definitely my son.

Gabriel, explaining his drawings to me… “Here’s the good knight, that’s the bad knight, and the dragon, and then here’s the princess.”
Me: “Good job, Gabriel. But what’s that on the princess there?”
Gabriel: “Oh, that’s the princess’s tail.”
Me: “Her tail?”
Gabriel: “Of course.”

After noticing Gabriel picking out all the croutons from his salad, I ask: “Why aren’t you eating the lettuce?”
Gabriel looks up and says very plainly, “I don’t like eating leaves.”

Gabriel, rearranging stickers on an ocean habitat background: “What’s this?”
Me: “That’s a swordfish. He has a long, pointy nose like a sword, see?”
Gabriel looks at the page with renewed interest. Then flips back to the sticker page. “Where’s the shield fish?”

Gabriel, when asked about his role in my brother’s upcoming wedding (he’s the ringbearer): “I’m going to swordfight Uncle Nathan and then marry Aunt Cara.” He might have gotten a few details confused.

And there you have it.  Precious memories for years to come!  I hope something he said made you smile, just like he makes me do every. single. day.

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    I love it! Children bring so much joy to every day situations!

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    I laughed so hard on some of these, thank you! I enjoy when I get a chance to stop by and read. 🙂

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    Oh these just kill me! I don’t like eating leaves either!

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    He ‘s smart and hilarious 😀 This made my day !

  6. lina says:

    oh and I did the same for my kids , they love to read it now .

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    Yes, I laughed out loud!

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