The ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Mom 3-Week Challenge ~Day 9


Welcome back to the ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Mom Challenge!  You can find the beginning of this challenge *here*.

So now that we know where we’re going, we’re going to work on getting there.  Are you excited?  I am!

We’re going to begin dividing our goals into smaller, more bite-sized ones.  Having started big, we’re now going to zoom in on the details.  We’re going to turn our yearly goals into monthly goals, our monthly goals into weekly goals, our weekly goals into daily goals, and finally…  Our daily goals into morning, afternoon, and evening Routines.  But today, we’re just going to divide our Yearly Goals into Monthly ones.  Nice and easy.

The idea is, if I challenge you to organize your entire house starting now, you’ll probably be tempted to curl up into a tiny ball, start moaning, and give into despair.  But if I challenge you to organize one, just one, kitchen drawer, you just might take me up on it without getting discouraged.  Doable, right?  That’s the idea.

I’m going to provide you the seasonal, month-by-month to-do-list that I follow.  It’s taken a few years to realize what works for me, and I am entirely expecting you to have to tweak it for your family.  Again, no two families work the same.

Your challenge for Day #9 then, is to personalize this month-by-month list for yourself.  There are a few things you need to do.

First, pull out that list from yesterday where you divided your home into 10 pieces.  Insert those rooms into the Declutter/Organize/Re-decorate spots where I’ve included my room choices in parenthesis.  That way you can have an entire month to spend on revamping and reorganizing a certain space, without stressing about the rest of the house.  The idea is that everything in your home should get re-organized at least once a year.  This is basically a more-relaxed fly lady system (since I have little kids that take more time).  This is also a great time to add in some of that room’s Pinterest ideas I know you all have waiting somewhere.

Secondly, you’ll need to make a Birthday List month-by-month of everyone you’d like to remember.  If it’s an immediate family member, like your husband or child, you might want an even earlier reminder the month before so you can plan for a party or put extra-special forethought into picking the perfect gift.

When you’re happy with your edited month-by-month list, pick a pretty font, print it out, and stick it behind your yearly goals in your binder.


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Office)
  • Finalize New Year Resolutions
  • Revamp Home Binder
  • Conclude 2013 budget and Revamp for 2014
  • Clear out Holiday Décor
  • Write Thank You Notes
  • Check/Re-do Vehicles’ Emergency Kit


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Boys’ Room)
  • Make Valentine’s Day Plans
  • Obliterate that mending pile!
  • Schedule annual doctor/dentist exams
  • Declutter/Reorganize Kids’ Toys (read more about how I do that here)


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Porch & Yard)
  • Begin Spring Cleaning (30 day challenge)
  • Get Ready for Storm Season
  • Remember to spring forward on 2nd Sunday


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Attic & Storage)
  • Create list of treasures to find at garage sales
  • Finish Spring Cleaning! (yes, I totally expect my 30-day challenge to take 2 months)
  • PlantGarden and Set Up Gardening Binder
  • Check your home and car air conditioning systems and schedule a service call if needed
  • Plan a yard sale or list things on craigslist or ebay
  • Swap Seasonal Clothes
  • Begin gathering pictures for family yearbook (I do it from wedding anniversary to anniversary instead of jan-dec) (read about those at the end of this post)
  • Deep Clean & Organize the Car


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Main Closet)
  • Create some just-for-fun goals for the summer
  • Let the Yard-Saling Begin!
  • Make a list of outdoor improvements to do this summer
  • Plan for and celebrate mother’s day with moms/grandmas
  • Document school routine so you’ll remember what works when summer starts again (see what I do for toddler school with this series)
  • Spend time outdoors!
  • Plan for and celebrate our 5th anniversary! Yay!
  • Start putting Yearbook together


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Master Bedroom)
  • Plan for and celebrate father’s day
  • Finish and Order Yearbook
  • Reorganize Shed & Garden Supplies


  • Check Birthday List
  • Slow Down and Enjoy the Summer!
  • Declutter/Back-Up Electronic Files
  • Wash Windows Inside & Out
  • Declutter/Organize Recipes (update recipe binder)


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Dining Room)
  • Reorganize Kid School Stuff
  • Set new teaching goals
  • Start Freezing some fruits and veggies to enjoy this winter


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Living Room)
  • Be sure the heating system is in working condition
  • Starting planning for Gabriel’s birthday
  • Update Preparedness Supplies


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Bathroom/Laundry Room)
  • Swap Seasonal Clothes
  • Clean up the yard for winter
  • Look over Christmas gift list
  • Celebrate Gabriel’s birthday, get portrait done, update baby book, collect memorable quotes (read more about how I do that here)
  • Start freezing meals to pop in during busy holiday season


  • Check Birthday List
  • Organize/Declutter/Decorate the (Kitchen)
  • Plan for Joshua and Matthias’ birthday
  • Celebrate Joshua and Matthias’ birthday, get Matthias’ portrait, update baby book
  • Fall back the first Sunday of the month
  • Check batteries in smoke detector
  • New toothbrushes all around
  • Create holiday plans and to-do-lists
  • Begin making Advent Clendar
  • Set up Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving!
  • Begin Collecting Christmas Gifts!
  • Get Christmas Card Pictures Taken, order prints


  • Check Birthday File
  • Make Organizing/Decluttering/Decorating Goals for Next Year
  • Finalize/Finish Christmas Gifts
  • Enjoy the season!  Get some fun Christmas music!
  • Wrap and/or Ship off Gifts
  • Make and Deliver Cookies to Neighbors and Mailmen
  • Send Out Christmas Cards
  • Prepare for winter weather (including car kit)
  • Being Thinking of New Years Resolutions

Tomorrow we’re going to take a look at having an organized WEEK!  Until then!

10 thoughts on “The ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Mom 3-Week Challenge ~Day 9

  1. This list is great. I hadn’t really considered doing things month-by-month like this, even though I already do weekly things.

  2. Tricia Regar says:

    So cool! You are truly very organized. 😀 I love it.

  3. Simone says:

    I’m loving getting my year planned it. Any particular reason why you divided the house into 10 areas and not 12?

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Haha! Well, I have a smaller house and ran out of places to organize. 🙂 Also, I figured having a month ‘off’ in the summer and especially December (where life gets crazy anyways) seemed like a good idea.

  4. rowansmama says:

    Wow! You are amazing. I’ve been reading through so many of your organization posts and I love your ideas. I have a 1 month old and a 19 month old. I have never been even remotely organized or good with time management. It has never bothered me as much as it has since becoming a stay at home mom. I read the fly lady’s book but it really just made me feel even more chaotic. I’ve promised myself 2015 is the year that I’ll get organized but up until stumbling across your challenge I didn’t have any idea how. Thank you so much. You have truly inspired me. I can’t wait to get my binder finished!

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      I felt the same way! A lot of my stuff is flylady inspired with a Kelsey-personalitied/SAHM twist. Have fun with that binder!

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