The ORGANIZED Work-at-Home Mom 3-Week Challenge ~Day 10


Welcome back to the ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Challenge!  You can find the beginning of this challenge *here*.

I’ve said this many times during this series, but it’s worth saying again.  No two homes run the same way.  I’m going to share what’s working for me, but feel free to change it around to best suit your family’s needs.

I’ve followed a couple different home management systems in my time.  Some of my favorites have been flylady and Large Family Logistics (which, by the way, is probably my most favorite book of all time and you should read it!  You don’t even have to have a large family to apply her valuable time-saving and efficient home living tips.)  Both systems suggest splitting up the main home-maintanance responsibilities and focusing on a different thing each day.

There are a few things that every home deals with and can benefit from some focused organization.  Those things are:

  • House Cleaning and Laundry
  • Cooking and Meal Planning
  • Budget Oversight and Finances
  • Shopping/Errands
  • Quality Family Time

I’ve chosen to split up those categories into these different days for my home.  Depending on the week, sometime I’ll swap the days around (and do family day on Tuesday or Office Day on Friday, etc), but the important thing is that all the important things get their own day of special attention.

  • Monday ~Home Blessing Day (house cleaning)
  • Tuesday ~Office Day (budget, meal planning, etc)
  • Wednesday ~Family/Bag Day (special outing with boys, restocking diaper bag and purse)
  • Thursday ~Errand Day (grocery shopping, other errands)
  • Friday ~Cooking Day (prep week’s food, remake from-scratch mixes)
  • Saturday ~Anti-Procrastination Day/Garden Day in the Summer (about the same thing, as far as I’m concerned)
  • Sunday ~The Lord’s Day (Morning worship and Christian Fellowship)

As you may noticed, some things (like Meals) get covered on multiple days (meal planning, shopping, and cooking).

We’ve already looked over our year and made some month-by-month goals.  Over the next few days, I’m going to take a closer look at what I do on my days of the week.

First off…  Home Blessing Day.  You might notice that I don’t call it simply House-Cleaning or House-Chore Day.  Recognizing that your care of the home is a blessing to others and not a necessary evil is the first step in learning to enjoy and find fulfillment in caring for our homes.

Things I aim for accomplishing when Home Blessing Day rolls around:

  • Wash Bed Sheets, Towels, Rugs, Baby Wrap/Nursing Cover (as necessary)
  • Empty All the Trashcans
  • Fridge/Freezer (get rid of old food, quick wipe-down and rearranging)
  • Mop/Vacuum
  • Clean Out Car (just take out what doesn’t belong, not a deep cleaning)
  • Windows/Mirrors, Dust

I do all those things (well, I try to) on an as-needed basis, so not everything happens every week.  I only wash the rugs when they look dirty, wait to mop until the floor starts getting some PB&J ‘sticky spots’, and only wash windows when I start noticing fingerprints.  But if it’s going to get done, it’ll be on Home Blessing Day.

 Your challenge for Day #10 is to write up your own Home Blessing Day list.  Keep in mind that as a mother to littles, you probably won’t have time to deep clean your home every week like you (maybe) wish you could.  That’s okay.  Soon enough, the kids will be old enough to help you wipe the baseboards and dust the ceiling fans.  For now, though, figure out what are your home’s necessary maintenance basics and write them down.

Tomorrow I’ll be covering what I do on Office Day.  Until then!

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4 thoughts on “The ORGANIZED Work-at-Home Mom 3-Week Challenge ~Day 10

  1. Laurie says:

    Hi Kelsey –
    I just recently found your blog and am really enjoying it. I wondered do you schedule in “deep cleaning” or “zone cleaning” like Flylady does? I seem to do okay with regular weekly cleaning type things but struggle to add in deeper cleaning chores. Also, you seem very organized, would you be willing to maybe do a home tour to show how you keep your home organized? I love to see how others organize and keep their homes tidy and well kept.

  2. Angelika says:

    When you talk about menu planning, can you show how you organize recipes? I seem to constantly pick up new recipes, some of which I started to put on lovely recipe cards till I…gave up..cause it was too much work. I have some online, some printed out, some handwritten from friends, some in recipe books…it’s chaos. Ideas would be much appreciated.

    • Sure! I’d love to do a more detailed post about it (putting it on my blog idea list), but in summary… I have a one-stop binder where I collect only my tried and liked recipes. If I find it online, I’ll try it and then print it out and add it. If I find it in a magazine, I’ll cut it out and add it. Likewise, I’ll also *gulp* cut it out of recipe books or photocopy it. I got rid of most of my recipe books a while back because I was NEVER using them. I usually find them online or in my Taste of Home magazines. 😉 Basically, no matter where I originally find it, if I want to make it again, it goes in the binder.

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