The ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Mom 3-Week Challenge ~Day #14


Welcome back to the ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Challenge!  You can find the beginning of this challenge *here*

If you have been following along these past two weeks, you already know how I like to focus on different home tasks on each weekday.  Today I’m going to cover what I do on my weekends. 

Saturday is Anti-Procrastination Day for me.  Whatever I’ve been putting-off all week becomes my goal for that day.  Sometimes it’s something on my every-day list that has been consistently ignored (oops!) and sometimes it’s just that miscellaneous task that didn’t fit nicely into any of my other routines.  In the summer time, it’s usually something garden related since I enjoy having a pretty flower garden but simultaneously loathe weeding it.

A note of warning here…  Don’t exhaust yourself trying to get every single thing done that you feel behind on.  There is always more to do and you don’t want to finish the week feeling defeated and like a failure.  Just prioritize, pick a couple tasks, and do what you can.  Then promise to be proud of what you were able to accomplish.  If you find yourself constantly getting discouraged with never accomplishing it ALL, I recommend this post.

Another thing to keep in mind is that my husband often works Saturdays.  If this is your husband’s day off, feel free to switch things around and make it Family Day.  Move Anti-Procrastination Day to Friday or some other day.  Again, never take my way as the only way to do things.  The only way to make things work for you is to make it your own!

 Sunday is the Lord’s Day, in which we offer up our grateful hearts in worship to the One who gifted us with all our days and a reason for living them.  I try my best to make our Sundays as relaxed as possible.  Usually, this involves thinking about it the day before.

A few things worth considering on Saturday Night:

  • What is everyone wearing tomorrow?  (You don’t want to waste time trying on three different outfits or realizing that your son’s dress shirt is missing a button)
  • What are we eating for breakfast and lunch?  Can it be pre-made or set out ahead of time?
  • Is the diaper bag packed (including the kid’s church essentials, like snacks or quiet toys) 
  • Is the house picked-up enough to have guests over?
  • Get to bed on time!

I believe hospitality is a large, and often ignored, part of Christian living.  You don’t have to have a spotless home or three-course dinner made to have someone over.  Inviting them into your home ‘as-is’, with the toys spread around the room and breakfast dishes out, is not the end of the world.  The important thing is to be willing to welcome others into your home and make the time to talk, laugh, and fellowship.  Serving leftovers or microwave burritos is better than not inviting anyone over in the first place.  Of course, if you’re organized enough, I believe you can have your cake and eat it too.  A clean-ish home and delicious lunch is possible, but you have to plan ahead.

Our Sunday morning routine involves us dressing everyone, a simple to-go breakfast (usually toast eaten in the car), and quick pickup behind ourselves so the house is presentable when we return.  Nice and simple.

After Worship that morning, the rest of our day is devoted to feasting and rejoicing with fellow believers, inviting old or new friends to our home, or just an afternoon of napping, book-reading, and rejuvenation if we find ourselves alone.  I do our dishes after each meal and try and keep things relatively picked-up behind us, but laundry and other household tasks can wait until tomorrow.  This is also the day when I will let my toddler watch guilt-free Bible movies back-to-back when he wakes from his nap.  It’s good for him to learn those stories anyway, and it gives my husband and I time to relax and take some parenting ‘time-off’.

Day #14’s challenge is to make a list of Saturday-night tasks to prepare for a more peaceful, stress-free Sunday.  I’d love to hear what you come up with. 

Now that we’re done looking at our week, tomorrow we begin looking at our daily routines!  So excited!

4 thoughts on “The ORGANIZED Work-At-Home Mom 3-Week Challenge ~Day #14

  1. Sabrina says:

    I like your term anti-procrastination day. Great idea! People who have very little time during the week, it is a great idea to make a task list during the week to handle items on the weekend.

  2. Simone says:

    My kids are a little older (15, 14, 12, 10 & 9) and I realize that sometimes my boys will say they have all their clothes out for Sunday, but will forget their belt or dark socks. Then, Sunday morning, I’m running around trying to find something. Therefore, I make them bring me every single piece of their outfit – shirt, pants, socks, belt, undershirt & shoes – and I hang them in my room. Everyone, including the teenagers, have to take their bath/shower the night before. Although they are allowed to watch tv on the weekends, they can’t watch it on Sunday morning. It makes for a smoother morning. These techniques have helped me get up to 10 kids (when we have sleepovers) to church on time.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Getting 10 kids ready for church is quite the feat! Those sound like smart tips! Thanks for sharing, Simone!

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