My Favorite Finds

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite finds this week.  First off, this amazing Holiday Mini Binder from Thirty Handmade Days which I’ve already started using and LOVE it.  I already feel more prepared for buying Christmas gifts, sending out cards, and staying in budget while I’m at it.  What’s even better?  It’s all free!


Next up, a great article from Growing  I think what she says is right on.  Often when people say they could never make it on a single income, they’re not aware of how much you can really SAVE by not working.  But Shannon says it better than I do, so I’ll let her do the talking.



Also, I loved this 11 Things to Do Printable over at Money Saving Mom.  It’s amazing how much prepared you can feel for your day, just by doing a few things the night before!



Lastly, we’re entering birthday season over here.  We have one October birthday, three November birthdays, and then it’s Christmas, so I need all the inspiration I can get for making each day special.  Some of these suggestions from House of Hendrix could also be done for your husband.  



So those have been my exciting finds!  I hope they prove as helpful to you as they have to me.  Now’s your chance to share your favorites!  This can be something you’ve stumbled upon Pinterest or a new project or helpful musings from your own blog!  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  The only rule is that it’s somewhat related to Mothering, Wifing, or Homekeeping.  🙂  Until next time!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Finds

  1. Hi Kelsey, thanks so much for sharing my birthday post. Loved the other articles you suggested as well. I’ve actually enjoyed browsing all around your site. Happy to connect!

  2. Mique says:

    Thanks so much Kelsey! Sorry I’m behind on commenting. (like waaaay behind- embarrassing) But I’m glad you found my binder and love it! Have a great day.

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