6 Ways to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom!




Teach Lessons

 I taught piano lessons for years out of my living room.  I got paid enough that I never even considered using my nursing degree in the ‘official’ work force.  Do you play a musical instrument?  Can you give lessons in art, a foreign language, or sewing?  Advertise your skill-set in local schools or music/art/craft shops and you can potentially get paid far above minimum wage from your own living room.


Amazon or Ebay

I’m an amazon seller myself, but several of my stay-at-home mommy friends sell on Ebay as well.  The idea is to shop clearances (online or in stores) and find bargains that retail for more online.  This is a great at-your-own-leisure option worth looking into.


Nanny At Your Home

 If you’re already staying home with your kids, why not ‘adopt’ a few more during the workweek?  I’m sure you know some other working-mother friends who would be happy to pay you (who can give their kids more one-on-one attention) what they would be paying a local daycare to do the same thing.


What About Your Hobby?

Do you like to bake?  Take a cake-decorating course and launch an at-home cake business.  Enjoy photography?  Enhance your skills and start doing it professionally.  Do you like to craft?  Start an etsy store.  Do you like to write (like I do)?  Start a really addicting blog.  😉


Breed Your Registered Dog

I almost didn’t put this one up since breeders get such a bad rap nowadays, but the truth is that we’ve done really well with our breeding business, Pride & Prejudoodles.  It’s a wonderful stay-at-home option and can be a blessing to all involved when done responsibly.  Please read my warning below before considering.

(Dog breeding is not a case of putting two dogs together and wha-la! Money!  It takes a lot of research, time, picture-taking, puppy training, vet appointments, and advertising to pull this off well.  DO NOT breed anything other than a thoroughbred.  The shelters are full enough of unwanted ‘mutts’ as it is.  Keep in mind that if you make a living thing, it’s your responsibility to care for it.  Neglect is never an option.   Also, be sure you have a solid advertising plan for them from the beginning.  They have a bad habit of getting older on you and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself with nine grown-up puppies that (sarcastic yay!) you get to keep.) 


Be Helpful! 

Do you know a health-conscious family who has a good income but no time?  Offer to pre-make whole food dinners for them.  Do you have a knack for organizing things and know someone who’s overwhelmed?  Offer your services.  Is a local homeschool mom swamped with textbooks and exams to grade?  Offer to take the books home one weekend and spend a few hours catching her up.


Ultimately, it all comes down to seeing a need and trying to fulfill it.  If you’re at home, chances are you may have a bit more time than other ‘working’ families.  See how you can use that time and get paid for it!  What’s even better, see what you’re already doing that you can get paid for!  All you need is some creativity, a good work ethic, and some basic advertising skills.

I’d be thrilled to hear of any other ideas or tried-and-true methods you’ve discovered!  Please share in the comments!

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32 thoughts on “6 Ways to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom!

  1. Heather Elissa says:

    Another way, if you like shopping, is for a small fee offer to do weekly grocery trip and deliver the food to them.

  2. Tricia Regar says:

    I had three thoughts to add… 🙂
    1. How I’ve made the most money is at kids’ clothing consignment sales. We’ve received A TON of hand-me-downs and clothing-as-gifts for the kids, and I’ve shopped a bunch of yard sales. I have turned around and sold some of these items for several dollars more than I bought them for (in the case of yard sales), or in the case of gifts and hand-me-downs, it was totally all profit! This fall alone, I earned $300 doing this.
    2. I’ve found that I can *SAVE* my husband money–not only by spending less at the grocery store, etc., but also by spending time on the phone, talking to insurance companies, trying to find the lowest rates on the bills we pay, etc. It’s time-consuming and not always fun, but the money we save is definitely worth it!
    3. No matter what we’re doing trying to *earn* money from home, we never want it to take away from the time we’re giving our children, our husband, and our homes. Even with the selling kids’ clothes thing, it can completely consume my time and thoughts, to the point of pushing the kids away. I don’t like it, the kids don’t like, and ultimately, I doubt Matt appreciates a grumpy wife and kids. :-p So… basically, trying to keep our priorities straight… 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    Direct sales is another option. I’m a stay at home mom of two little ones and have been with Norwex for a little over a year and a half. It’s a product line that I LOVE and I get to help people simplify their cleaning and reduce chemicals in their homes. not to mention the money is really good! http://Www.katiecormier.norwex.biz

  4. Amanda says:

    I work as a Customer Service Rep from my home computer. Scheduling is really flexible (in 2 hour shifts) so that I can work while the little one sleeps in, takes a nap, and goes to bed at night. Being a mother of 3, ages 13, 11, and 3, I wish I had found this years ago! I always worked away from home. I knew I wanted to be at home with the little ones, but I really did not realize the money I was wasting in gas, eating out, daycare, and other travel related expenses.
    The only con I can offer; Always being at home=being at the “office” so it feels like you never really leave your place of work. Other jobs, when you physically leave your place of business for the afternoon, you leave the job behind for the evening and let it go. I have not mastered that yet at home.

  5. Great ideas. I was amazed that we have done many of the same things. I taught piano and voice for years. Now we are dog breeders and have been over 4 years as well. With 6 children, and home schooling, “working” is tough. Trying to save money by couponing and such can be too time consuming. I have learned to use pricematchet in our area and do freezer cooking to save both time and money. Great ideas. I have enjoyed reading!

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Haha! That’s wonderful. What kind of dogs do you breed, may I ask? Thanks for the pricematchet recommendation!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Natasha, I had the same questions for Amanda. I would love to work a job like yours Amanda but have no clue where to get a job like that. Any suggestions would be great!

  7. Ali says:

    I work with a no kill rescue, and I can’t help but point out how many homeless animals there are in the world that would give anything for a loving home. Breeders only contribute to the problem, please don’t encourage more people to add to the problem. 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year. There are better ways to make money than to exploit animals.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      This is definitely not the first time I’ve heard this, Ali, and I understand your concerns. I think adopting a dog from a shelter is a noble thing, but isn’t for everyone. My family breeds select healthy, hypoallergenic dogs that help other families who couldn’t otherwise have a pet. Adopting from a breeder ensures that the family line is documented and healthy, avoiding any surprising vet bills, etc. We also offer health guarantees which shelters do not. If dogs were really overpopulated, no one would be paying twice as much (or more) to adopt from a breeder instead of the shelter down the road. Thanks for reading and sharing your concerns!

  8. Animal Lover Lisa says:

    Dogs, cats and other pets are 100% over-populated. I understand your points but don’t agree with them. 4 million animals are killed in shelters each year due to overcrowding, and my husband and I adopted our pup from a kill shelter where, had we not adopted her, she would have been put to sleep 3 days later. A beautiful, loving, perfect beagle-Bassett mix of 1 year.

    It breaks my heart.

    My opinion: people really need to get their priorities straight so those without a say – like animals – aren’t the victims of our over-consumption, elitist nation. Allergies, I get – but at the tune of a dog dying? No, thank you. There are tons of poodle mixes – & other hypoallergenic animals – in our nation’s shelters.

    I don’t – & never will – understand breeders or their objectives or morals.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      I can tell this is something you feel passionately about, Lisa. I don’t expect to convince you otherwise in this short response, but I think that making it a moral imperative that people must adopt from a shelter or THEY’RE responsible for the death of a shelter dog is a harsh generalization. That’s like saying people shouldn’t have their own kids because there are children needing homes in the foster care system.

      Many puppy parents come to us after having terrible experiences with shelter dogs. Some attacked neighbors or bit their children. Some nearly bankrupted themselves with unexpected health problems. Finding a responsible breeder who loves their dogs and offers a solid-guarantee is much harder than visiting the shelter down the road. Many of our puppy parents drive 8-14 hours just to see us. We have a waiting list now of 13 people for a litter that is not yet born and we definitely charge more than the shelter does. Why would they do that for an overpopulated commodity? It makes no sense.

      I’ll be the first to admit that mutts and mixed-breeds are overpopulated. People should stop breeding them, intentionally or not. People who adopt from shelters have my admiration for many reasons, but that does not mean I’m some sort of evil villain for carefully breeding healthy purebreds for appreciated (by others) results.

      Thanks for reading, Lisa.

  9. Suzanne says:

    I just read this post and would love to hear where Amanda works that she has a Customer Service job at home in small time increments. Thanks Kelsey for this wonderful blog!

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  11. Kate Boyer says:

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  12. Great post! I am such an advocate for sthm because I used to be a PreK teacher & Daycare & saw so much! I realized my kids need me home. I began to pray about it and I believe God blessed me with an answer. I was introduced to a home business called ItWorks! I make enough money to pay the bills and be a good help to my husband. Here’s my link if someone is interested! You’ll find my contact number there too if this is something that will answer your prayers too! http://www.natashakutsar.myitworks.com

  13. Amber says:

    Great ideas….just want to put out there a response to “nanny in your own home”. Most states have regulations about that now and you have to be licensed to care for non-related children consistently. It’s starting to turn into a “not much of a money-maker” with all the requirements and expectations.

  14. Tammy says:

    Wow I found it at just the perfect time the kids get out of school tomorrow and since they are teenagers they can start to plan meals cook etc time to teach them well. thank u

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