Friday’s Favorite Finds (11/22/13)

First up, these classy looking letter printables from DIY Swank.  The possibilities for using these are endless.  You can print out a Seasonal ‘Give Thanks’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ banner or print out your child’s name to hang in the nursery.  Personally, I’m planning on doing one of those “Est. 2009” family banners I see all over pinterest.


Next, a great article by one of my friends Tricia at Little House in the Hills.  Tricia has three kids ages 3, 2, and 9 months and still manages to run her home and run it well!  In this post, 7 Practical Ways to Make a Mom’s Life Easier, she shares some of her secrets for how she does it.


Lastly, I’ve been in sort of a hair-rut lately.  It’s been pony-tail or down, pony-tail or down for weeks now.  This article of 23 Five-Minute Hairstyles gave me the inspiration I needed to liven things up a bit.  You can pull together 5 minutes to look pretty for the day, right?


What about you?  Any nifty finds this week?  Post them below!

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite Finds (11/22/13)

  1. Thanks for sharing our letters! We love your idea of doing the est banner.

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