Matthias Turns One


Just a friendly reminder to treasure those little ones while they are little.  I know everyone says this, but they really grow way too quickly.  (And I’m convinced it happens faster the second time around!)

Sure there are diapers and disrupted nights, but there are also the toothless grins, hearty belly laughs, and that brightened look of excitement they have when you fetch them from their nap.

These children are our blessing, our reward.

Our little bit of heaven tasted early.

They are not burdens.  They are gifts.

Enjoy them as such.

2 thoughts on “Matthias Turns One

  1. Taylor says:

    Amen! They are our gifts from Him <3
    My youngest has the most innocent gummy smile right now that I have engrained in my mind and will miss so, so much when it's gone!! Call me crazy, but I don't ever mind the 1 or 2:00 am wake-up calls, I cherish them because they are only for a short season. I couldn't agree with you more!

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