A Tale of Prophecy

Let me tell you an epic, a tale of danger and woe

A tale of redemption, of a time long ago


It starts with a child, his birth long foretold

A child born in weakness to a world dark and cold


The child’s mother, a virgin, celebrated him there

After a birth long and hard, in a barn unprepared


The hosts of heaven and angels all rejoiced

In brightly lit skies, with one glorified voice


After labor they cherished a well-deserved rest

As shepherd’s arrived and wise men gave their best


And this is where I wish my story could pause

But it doesn’t end there among peace and applause


You see, King Herod ruled then, that viper, that snake!

Upon hearing of the child’s birth, with anger, he quaked


“No one takes my throne.” He said, shaking his fists

And so the unthinkable he bade his forces commit


In his first act of war, he slaughtered the infants

Like pharaoh of old, mothers’ tears made no difference


Every boy under two became war’s casualty

That first Christmas wrought by heavy tragedy


The Christ child escaped, made a fugitive young

Starting his life sought as the foretold, Promised One


Herod was scared of the child, as he had every right to

This child would bring judgment, justice and light to


Every evil deed done, every wrong thing once hidden

For overthrowing the wicked was His prophecy written


And so this Christmas, I bring you Good News

The Christ child lives on and the throne now is His


Though the wicked still strive, though blood still is shed

Their fate has been sealed, Christ has conquered death


So every dictator fear, every murderer tremble

The King’s no longer a child and his troops he’s assembled


Those troops I speak of, why that’s me and you

Man, maid and youth, our little ones too


With sharpened arrows of prayer and armor of God

With our praises we fight, against oft daunting odds


But fear we should not, for their power is done

Their time has been set, the prophesied King has come

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Prophecy

  1. Beth S. says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Kelsey.
    Merry Christmas, indeed!

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