Christmas Picture Loveliness

What an amazing year 2013 has been!  God has been so kind to us, blessing us far above our imaginings. I have a one-year-old now and a rambunctious, clever 3-year-old who is pretty much convinced he’s my knight in shining armor (and he’s not far from it).

I want to use this post to wish you ladies (and all four of my guy followers, counting my husband) a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, from my family to yours.  The pictures below were taken by my good friend Alexis of Glorious Moments Photography.  ‘Like’ her facebook page if you’re interested in having overwhelming-visual-goodness show up in your newsfeed from time to time.  She’s good at what she does, people.

If you haven’t gotten pictures this year, let me encourage you to take a few, even if they’re amateur ones!  Don’t wait to lose those last few pounds first or worry about getting the outfits perfectly coordinated.  Just take a few pictures of your life NOW.  Our families grow and change too quickly to put it off for long.  Twenty years from now, those pictures will mean so much more!

DSC_8336edit WM

DSC_8265edit WM

DSC_8373edit WM

DSC_8601edit WM

DSC_8448edit WM

DSC_8437edit WM

DSC_8932edit WM

DSC_8591edit WM

DSC_8546edit WM

DSC_8532edit WM

DSC_8679edit WM

DSC_8728edit WM

DSC_8774edit WM

DSC_8809edit WM

DSC_8202edit Sunflare WM

DSC_8410edit WM

DSC_8341edit WM

God is faithful and life is good.  A very Merry Christmas to you all.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Picture Loveliness

  1. Danielle Burge says:

    Merry Christmas Kelsey 🙂
    I hope that you and your Family have a wonderful and magical Holiday Season.

  2. Monica says:

    Those are beautiful pictures! What blessings your boys are. And you are so beautiful!

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