The Complete Bathroom & Laundry Room Tour (Part 2 of 2)


If you missed the first half of this series, you can find it *here*.

Last time, we took a look at my laundry area.  Today, we’re going to look at the bathroom half of this little room, starting with the sink area.


If you notice, I like to keep the top of my counters rather spare.  I think it’s much easier to keep tidy without a gazillion bottles all over the place.  The basket on the left holds the family toothbrushes and my husband’s razor.  Other than that, it’s just a soap dispenser and small candle.


Below the sink I keep my hair dryer (in the pink bucket) and flat iron to the right of it.  I used to have a variety of different hair curlers in different sizes, but once I realized I could use my flat iron to both straighten and curl my hair (like in this youtube) I was able to downsize.  That bottom drawer (which I got at Ross for about $10) rolls out and keeps hairspray and feminine products.   The pink basket to the right (again, Dollar Tree) and the long cup-like thing next to it hold my hair supplies.

I have fairly long hair that I get bored with easily.  I am the representative girl of the family, so the pressure’s on to do something pretty-ish when I can.  Can you see the book and loose pages slipped along the side of the drawer?  Those are my pinterest-inspired favorite hairstyles and anything else I need directions for (french braiding, etc) all printed out and handy.


My hair-supply basket can be picked up and brought up to the counter so I can see inside more easily.  Inside are my styling essentials.  I have a few favorite headbands kept along the back.

8My mini rubberbands

9My bobby pins…


And my hair ties (I like to keep it to neutral browns and blacks and avoid those brightly colored ones that stand out and never seem to match with anything).  The awesome ring-holder was purchased at Wal-Mart.

12Also, some ‘fun’, girlish accessories, like these flower hair clips, which can still look mature if I wear them sparingly with the right outfits.

11My barrettes, decorative clips, and sock bun are corralled in the nested basket.


Kept in the long cup thing are my alligator clips (used for pulling back sections of hair while I straighten or curl the rest).


Some chopsticks for fun things like this:


A fine-tip comb for the occasional teasing.

15 And this awesome Topsy-Tail tool:


Which basically works as a large hair-needle for anything from basic flips like this:


To more complicated weaving like this:

tuck and wrap bun

To find more of my hairstyling inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

So that’s under the sink.  Now, let’s visit the three drawers along the side of my cabinets (NOTE:  The top drawer in the picture is a fake and doesn’t actually pull out!).


The top drawer belongs to my husband and holds our toothpastes/floss.


 The second larger drawer is mine (y’know, along with the rest of the bathroom, heehee).  Inside is:

  • lotion
  • deodorant
  • tanning spray
  • make-up removing wipes
  • my brush
  • my makeup bag
  • and q-tips


Q-tips are hiding in the lidded thing…

27 I wanted to give you a tour of my functional/minimalistic makeup bag, since I know that make-up is one of those things that frequently gets out of hand and takes over the bathroom.

I wear make-up every day, but since I like natural colors, I tend to use the same stuff over and over again.  I used to have TONS of makeup which I told myself I’d use someday, for  a special occasion or something.  Surely, I’d need that purple or orange eye shadow someday, right?  Actually, no.  If it’s a more formal occasion, I tend to just put on a darker layer of what I normally use, not go for something exotic.  I’m not against having glitter on-hand for special occasions, but I am against letting that special-occasion stockpile take over what little space I have for my daily things.  Does that make sense?  All the makeup in my home now fits in this little baggie:


Every piece inside is loved and used often.  What’s better?  I can ALWAYS find what I need.


Inside I have:

  • A triple-shade box of eye shadow
  • eye-lash curler
  • mascara
  • a hand-held mirror (to do makeup in the car or see the back of my hair in the mirror)
  • chapstick
  • tweezers
  • tube of cover-up
  • blush
  • and my favorite fluffy blush brush (try saying that 5 times fast) whose handle is broken, but I refuse to toss it and get another one until I find an identical replacement.


That’s it.  What more does a girl really need?


Moving on to the last drawer, I introduce to you our puppy drawer.  You may not have one of these in your home, but since we have *cough, cough* seven dogs and usually a handful of puppies around for our wonderful Pride & Prejudoodles business there’s a lot of puppy-bathing that goes on around here.  We obviously don’t want our dog-brush mixing in with our personal stuff.  Also, we have specific puppy shampoos and flea treatments etc, that need to be stored somewhere.


Of course, no bathroom tour would be complete without THIS important area.  The towels above on the handle bar are mostly for decor (since we keep our towels on the door), though they come in handy sometimes.  The flat wicker basket above the toilet holds our spare TP rolls.  Gabriel, my 3-year-old,  is responsible for replacing these with new ones from the closet when it gets empty.  I also have a bottle of hand-sanitizer on the side.  Gabriel is old enough to make his potty-trips unsupervised now, but I don’t trust him to do a good enough job washing his hands at the sink yet.

If we take a look at the floor, you’ll find the standard foot-action trash can and plunger.  There’s also a scale lying upright against the cabinets on the right.  And then there are the potty-training essentials…  The fold-up step stool (which saves SO MUCH space) and the potty-seat insert.

I really liked the idea of this Pinterest find and oohed-and-ahhed about how much space it’d save.  Alas, the cheap knock-off I was able to afford broke the first week.  *sadness*  Someday in our forever-home (if we still have littles), we’ll invest in a nicer one and get some of that clutter off the floor.

f6e09e31bf22f915a0aea4542c9953acAnd that’s the end of our bathroom/laundry room tour.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Also, if you’re brave enough, I’d love to see pictures of your bathroom or laundry room organization!  You can post them here on my facebook page!


2 thoughts on “The Complete Bathroom & Laundry Room Tour (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Tricia Regar says:

    1. You have some great hair accessories! I LOVE it!! My hair accessories consist of… a few butterfly clips (to put my hair in a messy bun or side-something), and some pony tail wrappers. I think that’s it. :O The girls wear hair stuff ALL the time, but I haven’t found any fun hair things that I love yet for me… so this is fun and inspiring. 🙂 I normally either straighten or curl my hair, and leave it down. Bor-ing, right? 😉

    2. I had to laugh inwardly at your make-up collection, because it looks quite similar to mine. .though I have more. Haha. I have THREE eyeshadows–one that’s a collection of light beiges/browns, one that’s blue (my go-to for fun days), and a pink/brown one. I also have liquid eyeliner (quite possibly my favorite make-up ever), and TWO colors of blush (one that’s darker, and one for blending). Oh, and I also wear Mary Kay foundation every day (I’ve had acne problems, so this is kinda a must). But besides all that, I wear mascara, use an eyelash curler, tube of cover-up, etc. 🙂

  2. Tricia Regar says:

    Oh, and all of it fits into a nice little bag, too–that I keep in my bedroom drawer. I can’t stand make-up everywhere! I put on my make-up every morning, and then put it away. Done.

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