My Favorite Finds

You know those ’50 New Ways to Save Money’ Pins that you click on all-excitedly and realize you already do all of them?  Well, this post is NOT one of these.  I have never been a couponer.  It’s always seemed too overwhelming or time-consuming for my lifestyle, but this lady at has some great tips on how to save money on meat without coupons.  I had several ‘Ah-ha!’ moments while reading.


Perhaps I’m a bit of a Name-Nerd, but this Huffington post article was really fun to read.  It’s the most in-depth baby name article I’ve read yet.  He even goes so far as to analyze income and political affiliations behind different naming trends.  Very interesting!



Last up, I originally clicked this pin not expecting much to apply to me.  I suppose it’s because the girl pictured looks like a single, twenty-something with no kids and plenty of time on her hands.  I was delightfully surprised.  Sure, some of her recommendations are ‘give-or-take’ for me (like wearing lipstick), but others I know work wonders (like starting conversations with others).  It’s a good read!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Finds

  1. VERY interesting reads! I love the Huffington Post did about names. How funny?! I’m also glad that you shared the one about saving on meat. I’ve never thought about cutting my own before!

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