The Busy Mom’s 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

You’re invited to participate in the first Organizing Life with Littles’

30 day

Now, I get that our lives are busy.  I have two little guys running (or crawling) between my legs on a daily basis.  I know how hard it is to progress beyond basic home maintenance, but March is Spring Cleaning month for me, and I’m up for the challenge.  Would you like to join me?  Let’s motivate each other!

To provide the proper motivation, I have a handful of wonderful prizes to bribe you all with…

I have several sponsored gifts to offer from the generous etsy stores featured below.  The 5 winners of this challenge (chosen at random from participants who complete the challenge) will receive one of…

Any personalized print from Sara at Sprinkled Joy.  You should definitely check her out Etsy Store here (it’s all eye candy), but be prepared to want everything.  Here are some samples…



A project of your choice from Amy’s Crocheting.  This girl has some creative and fun stuff, perfect for any newborn photo shoot or just being stylish in chilly weather.   Some samples…



My friend, Jillian, will be offering this Dandelion Wish pendant (with a freshwater pearl) that can be strung onto a ribbon for an elegant and unique necklace.  I’ve seen one of these in person and they are gorgeous!


She also specializes in these gorgeous fabric flowers which you can see at her Etsy store .  These things are so versatile and work for both adults and children!  The possibilities are endless.


Next, my wonderful friend, Nikki, will be offering a $15 gift card to her store.  Nikki specializes in deliciously-elegant invitations, baby announcements, and collage prints.  Everything in her store looks like it stepped out of an Austen novel.  There’s so much potential here.  Have a birthday party coming up?  Want to have a formal dinner party?  Visit her etsy store here and get inspired!



Lastly, I will personally be offering a copy of Confessions of an Organized Homemaker which is a fun read if you’re an organizational freak like me or a plain ol’ helpful one if you’re not.


This is important…  Any participants who complete the challenge but aren’t among the random prize-winners will STILL get a guaranteed ‘percentage off’ all the etsy stores above.  How fun is that?

So, now that I have your attention, you’re probably curious as to what this challenge requires you to do?

The answer?  Just a little bit of something each day.

day 1

Keep in mind that this is not an ORGANIZING challenge, it is a CLEANING one.  (If this challenge goes over well, we’ll do an organizing one later!)  So grab your sponges and windex.  Try to imagine how much cheerier your home will be after all these things have been checked off on your list.

I will be doing this challenge right along side you.  If you’re brave enough, you can join me in posting Before and After pictures on our FACEBOOK PAGE.  If there’s anything I’ve learned about housecleaning, it’s that it’s much more fun to do alongside good company.  Consider me there, to motivate, encourage, and work alongside you (even if we’re on the other side of the world).

Here’s the challenge schedule.  As you may notice, I’ve planned in plenty of buffer time and catch-up days so there’s no excuse!


  •  Sat the 1st: Challenge Introduction and Guidelines (that’s today!)
  • Sun the 2nd: Rest, Worship, and Fellowship (so far, so good, right?)
  • Mon the 3rd:  Wash all household bedding
  • Tues the 4th: Spot-Clean Decorative Pillows 
  • Wed the 5th:Wash Area Rugs
  • Thur the 6th: Dusting & Polishing
  • Fri the 7th: Clean Windows
  • Sat the 8th: Catch-up Day!
  • Sun the 9th: Rest, Worship, and Fellowship


  • Mon the 10th: Detail Vacuum
  • Tues the 11th: Detail Clean Hard-Floors
  • Wed the 12th: Baseboards
  • Thur the 13th: Window/Door Frames
  • Fri the 14th: Doors, Doorknobs, & Switches
  • Sat the 15th: Catch-up Day!
  • Sun the 16th: Rest, Worship, and Fellowship


  • Mon the 17th: Vents, Cobwebs, Walls
  • Tues the 18th: Fridge
  • Wed the 19th: Freezer
  • Thur the 20th: Microwave
  • Fri the 21st: Oven/Stove
  • Sat the 22nd: Catch-up Day!
  • Sun the 23rd: Rest, Worship, and Fellowship


  • Mon the 24th: Dishwasher & Sinks
  • Tues the 25th: Small Appliances (blender, toaster, etc)
  • Wed the 26th: Trash Cans & Electronics
  • Thur the 27th: Toilets
  • Fri the 28th: Tubs/Showers
  • Sat the 29th: Catch-up Day!
  • Sun the 30th: Rest, Worship, and Fellowship
  • Mon the 31st: Last-minute Catch-up Day!
  • April 1st: Winners announced!

Here’s how to participate.  After I introduce each day’s challenge, comment below that day’s blog post when you complete it.  A simple “I did this.” or “Done!” is all I need.  If something doesn’t apply to you (perhaps you don’t have a dishwasher?), just say so.

If you fall behind or miss a day, no big deal.  Just be sure that every task is done by the end of the month so that you qualify for the Giveaway!

What do you say?  Are you with me?  Tell me in the comments!

75 thoughts on “The Busy Mom’s 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

  1. Maellen says:

    Okay! Just found your blog through a friend on FB. I’m in. Late. But in. 🙂

  2. Jan Skeen says:

    My daughter posted this challenge on facebook. I don’t have littles any more but need to do some spring cleaning so I’m ‘in’! I have some catching up to do to get on track with the schedule, so I don’t have anything to report as ‘done’ yet.

  3. Lauren johnson says:

    I’m so in! I found this through Joanna’s FB and am sharing it with all my Iowan friends. 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    I am sooo late. Just saw this challenge. I have one week to do one month’s work 🙁

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Just do what you can, Karen! You can still do the challenge on your own time and just not qualify for the prizes. OR, you could get really busy! 😉 Don’t push yourself too hard!

  5. pastedreams says:

    I get so overwhelmed but just found this and it seems doable. I’m late to jump on the bandwagon but am excited to have a very clean home in time for Easter 🙂

  6. Paula says:

    I have just come across this and it’s just what i’m looking for! Can I Be in a month late (obviously not for give away but for the challenge!!!) x

  7. Gina H says:

    Totally missed out on this challenge. BUT, I have tweaked it for the month of April (going into May) and will be doing this as well.

    BTW, love your blog. I found it a few months back and never bookmarked it (silly mistake) took awhile by my cyber sleuthing skills have come in handy 🙂

  8. Taylor says:

    I have been looking for a challenge like this. I am on my first child (7 months) and he is trying desperately to crawl. It is definitely time to get through all this cleaning! This is such a low pressure way of doing it and I love that! I get so overwhelmed between mom, work and school. This will be great!

  9. Rebecca says:

    I have to do this too! Spring is gone already but I was so busy that I will do it now because I have the time. I am not sure about having the energy thou 🙂 Thanks for the post.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Better late than never, and if energy is a concern, try completing the 30-day challenge in 60 days. No big deal! As long as it gets done, right? Happy cleaning!

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