Day #12 – Busy Mom’s Spring Cleaning Challenge

day12Day #12’s task is to Clean those Baseboards!

Grab a damp, soapy rag and get scrubbing.  It’s amazing what difference such a small detail can make.  This is also another safe task to include your kids on, no matter what age.  Kids love to feel like they’re a part of something, so give them a rag and let them trail along behind you!

Don’t forget to comment below when you finish!  I will be posting Before/After pictures on my Facebook page.  I’d be thrilled if you’d join me!

Extra Credit Ideas for the Super Motivated:

Baseboards get a lot of wear-and-tear.  Sometimes scuffs or scratches can’t be erased with just a wet rag. If you have a pint of white paint in storage (always an excellent thing to have on hand!), grab a Q-tip and use the paint to cover up some of those marks!

For questions about this challenge (or if you’re brave enough to jump in late), visit this post to see the prizes waiting for you at the end:

day 1


10 thoughts on “Day #12 – Busy Mom’s Spring Cleaning Challenge

  1. Candice says:

    All done! Nice and clean 🙂

  2. Taryn says:

    Today was a minimum day for the kiddos, so I put them to work! Ha ha! We got them all done and super quick!

  3. Kaylee Trammell says:

    The girls room was the last one to get completed on this task…I did it at the same time that I mopped their floors. It seemed like it went well with cleaning out in the corners of the floors. But, now all is done!

  4. Sarah says:

    Done! This has been my least favorite cleaning challenge thus far!!

  5. Lauren Johnson says:

    Done! We just have refinished wood, so no painting to deal with!

  6. Jillian says:


  7. Stephanie says:

    With the help of a lot of elbow grease I’m all done.

  8. Belita says:

    All done! I did this while doing my detail vacuuming that I didn’t have time for on Monday.

  9. Megan says:

    Did it…finally. 🙂

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