Day #17 – Busy Mom’s Spring Cleaning Challenge


Today we’re going to grab our brooms –but not for sweeping!  Day #17’s challenge is to brush down those ceiling vents and cobwebs in room corners.  Since this is a speedy task that you can run through and do in a few minutes, go ahead and wipe down the walls in your main living area as well.  Wet a rag with a dab of soap and scrub down any obvious marks, fingerprints, or scuffs.  Kids of all ages love participating in this one, so give them a rag and make it a family affair!

Don’t forget to comment below when you finish!

Extra Credit Ideas for the Super Motivated:

Since scrubbing every single wall surface can be a huge task (depending on the size of your home) only the main living areas are required.  However, if you’re up to the challenge, go through your house room by room, top to bottom, and get all those walls perfectly clean!  What about the Basement?  The garage?  How courageous can you be?

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10 thoughts on “Day #17 – Busy Mom’s Spring Cleaning Challenge

  1. Kaylee Trammell says:

    Woohoo! Done here. Discovered some unnoticed cobwebs. I started out thinking that I didn’t have any cobwebs left because I had taken my broom to them earlier, but I discovered some others underneath cabinets in my kitchen…

  2. Stephanie says:

    All done!

  3. Taryn says:

    Done! We painted in November so I did not have to scrub the walls, but I did dust and touch up paint.

    Loving this challenge!

  4. Candice says:

    All done! Glad those cobwebs are gone. Once the snow melts and Spring finally arrives we will have to spray for spiders outside in hopes that they don’t build any future webs inside 🙂

  5. Belita says:

    All done, one day late!

  6. Jillian says:

    Done! Took a little longer because I found a spider and had to wait for my husband to come home and kill it. I hate spiders!

  7. Sarah says:


  8. Megan says:

    They are cleaned. Yay

  9. Alina says:

    Ok… this one is finally done too! These last two days have been busy!! My hubby was on spring break so we were away for a few days. I’ve been playing major catch up!

  10. Lauren Johnson says:

    All finished! I recently finished painting all the rooms in my home,so this job wasn’t too bad. 🙂

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