The Complete Kids’ Room Tour (My favorite room of the house!)

titleToday I’ll be continuing my series of how I organize my under 1k square foot home, room by room!  If you read my Month-by-Month Plan for the Entire Year, you’ll know how I like to focus on reorganizing one room a month.  Last month, that was my boys’ room.  I have to admit, this room is by far my favorite.

It’s a small room, with slanty ceiling that make hanging pictures and putting up bookshelves a bit more difficult, but this room has lots of character.  I’ve gone with a Knights & Castles theme for my boys.  Since this is our only kids’ room, if we ever have a daughter, the plan is to add a few princesses, mermaids, or fairies to give it a bit more of that ‘feminine’ touch.  But right now, it’s all Boy.  

When you first walk in, you’ll see Matthias’ crib. Due to space concerns, we specifically bought a Mini crib, which has the same dimensions as a pack-n-play.  Gabriel sleeps in his toddler bed on the right.  I actually made the curtains myself by sewing on pieces of felt on top of itself, which is about the only thing I’ve ever sewn successfully in my life.


To the right of the crib is a basket where I keep extra bedsheets for both beds.  I like to have them nice and handy in case they wet in the middle of the night or something.


Gabriel sleeps here in the toddler bed.


I actually just use a cozy, throw blanket (meant for the couch) instead of an official blanket set.  I wanted something warm enough for cold, winter nights and all the official bed sets were SO expensive.  Gabriel loves these blankets, and the fleece backing makes them super soft!


Above the beds, I have a spot for the boys’ one year old pictures.  Matthias’ picture is still with the photographer, but I’m looking forward to getting it and hanging it soon!


Let me take a moment to show off my panoramic Knight/Castle wall.  After I had my miscarriage in 2011, I needed something crafty to distract me and keep my hands busy.  I think I spent about $150 on all the different paint colors *cough*, which is normally not in our budget, but I was very happy with how it turned out in the end.


I did the hills, mountains, and scenery myself, but my more artistic sister-in-law sketched the more-detailed knight and dragon for me.


Oh, yes!  The dragon is on the ceiling.


At the other end of the room, Gabriel has his little table and chairs.  We also have a basket of all the loud, annoying noisy toys that I don’t like in our regular toy rotation down stairs (read more about that here), but I don’t mind him playing with them on his own for ‘Quiet Time’.


Let’s take a look at my basket/dresser drawer organization… To the left of the crib I have these stacking baskets.  I used to keep my disposable diapers in here before I switched to cloth.


The top basket now holds wipes.


The second basket holds ointments and creams.  Usually I have more than two bottles in here.  Desitin, lotion, vaporub, and even infant tyelenol (if the kids are teething) go in here so I can grab them fast, even in the middle of the night.

P1310881The third basket randomly holds train tracks.  Because it can, I guess.

P1310882And you know you’re using your space efficiently when the 4th basket still needs something to keep inside…


To the left of the baskets we keep our nifty Castle tent.  This was given to my kids by the grandparents for Christmas.  They love it.  Inside we keep a few stuffed animals (anymore than 4-6 seems to overwhelm them) and a bin of mega blocks for Quiet Time.

P1310910To the left of that, is our dresser where I store the boys’ clothes.  It’s a nice, sturdy dresser with deep drawers and room to grow.  I think it could easily hold a 3rd child’s wardrobe.  Here’s an overview of what’s inside: (By the way, I don’t spend a bunch of money on Castle memorabilia.  Once you have a theme, word gets around.  Most of these were given to me.)


The good news about dressing small people is that their clothes don’t take up much space.  We don’t have tons of clothes either, only 6-8 different outfits for their regular clothes and 4 or so Sunday outfits.  If you keep up with laundry (read more about how I do that here) multiple outfits is more for variety’s sake than necessity.  Here’s an example of a Sunday drawer (Gabriel’s).  I’m kind of sweater-vest obsessed, and I love hats and ties!  I’ve even been known to enjoy the whole bow tie and suspender thing.

P1310923Here’s an example of a Regular Clothes drawer.  I keep their pants, long-sleeve shirts, and t-shirts all in the same place.

P1310924My Off-Season drawer is for everything that’s in the boys’ current size, but not weather appropriate yet (shorts, etc).  As you can see, Matthias’ summer wardrobe is a bit low.  If he doesn’t grow out of this size before warm-weather hits, I get to go shopping!


Here are my boys’ Sock drawers…

P1310928Matthias keeps his onesies in his.

P1310929I also keep half of our cloth diaper stash in one of the drawers.  The rest of them are kept downstairs in our main living area where most of the daily diaper changes happen.

P1310930The wetbag is kept out-of-the-way on the door handle.  Read more about my cloth-diapering routine here.


And that’s it for the drawers.  The only thing I haven’t shown you yet is this corner.  The rocking horse is better known as my little knight’s brave steed.  I also have this cool ship that works much like a doll house, except for boys (also compliments of the grandparents, where they get all their cool stuff from).


Here’s an example of the inside.  The pant-less model did not come with it originally, but he makes a marvelous accessory.


That’s all for my boys’ room!  I’d love to hear about how you organize your kids’ rooms.  If you’re brave enough, post pictures on our facebook page!

17 thoughts on “The Complete Kids’ Room Tour (My favorite room of the house!)

  1. Jeanine says:

    Love it! Organization and painting is very impressive =)

  2. Jen says:

    Love this!! I think I need to go through my boys clothes and give some away! I can barely fit one child’s clothes in a whole dresser 😛 and im sure someone else could use some extra clothes 🙂 I love what you did with the room though! so cool! and a great use of space!

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Thank you, Jen! Yes, we thinned down a few years ago! Life is so much better when it’s simple! 😉 Thanks for reading!

  3. lina says:

    This is so cute , love it <3

  4. Cassie says:

    I am really wanting to establish a minimalist,organized lifestyle in our new home, and these posts really inspire me. I can’t wait to see more of your home! One question though…did I notice a closet in the boys’ room? How do you keep that organized as well?

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Yes, good catch! There is a little closet in that room, but since we have a shortage of closets in the house, my husband uses it to store HIS stuff. Right now it’s full of camping/hiking/airsoft gear and has nothing to do with kid things. Honestly, I don’t organize it ever since I’m not really sure what everything is. As long as I can close the door, I don’t mind. My husband is the only one in and out of it anyway. 🙂

  5. Kelly Davis says:

    Looks great! You are so organized! I need to get going on organizing my house!

  6. Valerie says:

    WHERE did they find the pirate “dollhouse”?! Love it! 😀

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      My Mom said she got it off a Groupon, but she’s not really sure who put the offer up. Sorry that’s not more helpful!

  7. J.R.Barker says:

    You have two very lucky boys, am envious of their ship and rocking horse 😀

  8. Jody says:

    I’m new to your site and have spend the better part of my morning reading some of your pass post. (Way to much time.) This room is great! What more could your boys need! I stumbled across you and am happy to be hear. My family is currently on the same journey. Small house, tight budget, multiply kids in one room, trying to save to buy, and in need of affordable solutions for organizing and pairing down daily life. Can wait to borrow some inspiration of my kids room!

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