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Although I’m in the process of PUTTING ON weight over here (being pregnant, and all), I thought this might be helpful for those working toward the opposite direction. This has been one of my favorite blogs for a while, so head on over and check Kathy’s page out!


Here’s some good food for thought. I found it a good reminder that all our hard work here in the younger years is for a purpose (and a world-changing one at that). It reminded me of the saying, “He who rocks the cradle rules the world.” We should never underestimate our work with the children and how it affects the next generation.

Don’t reduce your children to being “adorable,” writes Doug Wilson, and miss out on the promise of formidable children, arrows in the hand of a warrior.”

ChildrenRSeriesSnipeLastly, if you’re in search of some organizational eye-candy, A Bowl full of Lemons never disappoints!  This post is full of tips for an organized summer.


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    Thanks for sharing ! All look intersting !

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