Project: Re-Organize My Life


I bet you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth.

Well, I haven’t. I’m still here. In fact, it’s my last week of my first trimester and I can already feel my self growing stronger and healthier each day. I’m still on Zofran around the clock, but I’m back to where the pills are actually covering the symptoms now. Yay! As much as I’ve tried to enjoy every pregnant moment and not take a single day for granted…

2nd trimester, my old friend… I have missed you!


So, I’m not going to lie. Things have been pretty disorganized over here. My kids have been watching too many movies, we have been eating out (or ordering in) more than for our usual once-a-week date night, I kiiinda lost track of our budget, and the laundry mountain is threatening to consume my soul. I am ready for a change around here.

Since my health is still not 100%, I’m not going to take any giant leaps into high efficiency just yet. Instead, I was thinking of a gradual re-haul of my entire life, starting with baby steps and eventually landing me back on my feet in full swing. So for the next few months, I’ll be doing a Re-Organizing My Life series. I’m hoping to cover pretty near EVERYTHING, from:

  • Making Time for Prayer, Memorization, & Bible Reading
  • Getting back on track with a Healthy Diet & Exercise
  • Menu Planning for Well-Balanced and BUDGET meals
  • Staying ON TOP of Laundry & Dishes
  • Organizing and Deeper Cleaning (things have been collecting in the corners around here!)
  • Getting my Kiddos to do more Household Chores and Less TV Watching (easier on me AND I think they’ll enjoy the new responsibilities)
  • Making Time for Preschool with Gabriel (He was soooo close to reading before I got sick and stopped for two months)
  • Wasting less time online and Focusing more on my Family
  • (don’t laugh) Preparing for Christmas way ahead of time this year (I’m due with Baby #3 a week after Christmas, and I’ve gone early before)
  • Revamping my Home Management Binder with new Goals and my Plan for Achieving them (because I’m a nerd that way)
  • Figure out a new system for storing out-grown clothes for the next kiddo
  • Preparing the nursery, supplies, and siblings for Baby #3

Each post will have a NEW LIFE RESOLUTION at the bottom. This should be a small life adjustment that I will try to form into a habit over the next coming weeks. These will add onto each other, bit by bit. At the end of this series, I expect to be back on my normal, organized life routine and begin reaping the benefits. Here’s to a hopeful and productive next six months! 😉

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19 thoughts on “Project: Re-Organize My Life

  1. Megan says:

    I love it!! Growing a baby always disrupts my best laid plans. I’m glad you are starting to feel a little better. I’m finally able to decreases hours at work after having to pay for a funeral and $6000 in dental and car fixes ugh. Now I’m going back to 1 night shift a week. Yay. So I too am looking to “reorganize” myself and my kids. Looking forward to your posts

  2. Theresa says:

    I love your inspirational posts- they always re-ignite my enthusiasm for every daily task. I hope you feel better soon-I completely understand. I’ve wept tears of despair through many a nauseated first trimester!! I just want to encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Just surviving the day with babies when you feel so sick is a prayer. It’ll all get done… or not, and what doesn’t can wait! God bless- you’re in my prayers.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Thank you, Theresa! I’m hoping to get back to my usual vigor, but know it’s going to be one little baby step at a time. I am feeling much better these days!

  3. Audrey DENIS says:

    Hi Kelsey! I had a meeting with my 8 year old boy’ teacher after school yesterday and was so pleased to hear that my son is an outstanding pupil who achieved top results again this year. It makes me feel very proud. And then before going to bed, I had some thinking time about what doesn’t make me so proud. For example, the clutter in my house, the full laundry basket, dust and cobwebs etc… Then I decided not to feel too guilty about this because I actually spend a lot of time with my children and my every day chores come second on my list. The way the teacher praised our involvement as a family made me feel very successful as a mum. Thank you for your post Kelsey…putting your family first is the best you can do but remember to to be gentle with yourself.:)

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Yes, family should always come first. Sounds like you’re a wonderful mom, Audrey! Thanks for the reminder. I do feel like I am a more peaceful and happy Mom when my surroundings are at least SOMEWHAT under control, but I know that not all life stages make that possible. I’m trying to focus on what I DO do more than what I’m unable to. 🙂

      • Audrey DENIS says:

        Awww! Thank you Kelsey, but I think all the people following your blog will agree with me…YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MUM TOO…a great inspiration to all of us. Reading your posts really give me a boost when I feel overwhelmed. I have tried your idea of the empty laundry basket and it has made a huge difference to my daily routine. My next goal is to organize a recipe binder (my summer project). Thank you and please keep posting your clever ideas!

  4. Taly says:

    I am not pregnant and the ages of my 7 children range from 21 to 3, but I feel the same. Some health issues of mine, graduations, camp preparations, power outages, guests, funerals, etc. have totally messed up our family routines and I feel like I am trying to catch up on life and the more I try, the more I get behind. So, I am joining you – starting in the right “corner” and focusing on baby-steps in personal routine and taking care of my family. Thanks for doing this.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      My pleasure! Sounds like you’ve been dealing with your fair share of disruptions as well. Here’s to a more peaceful and productive summer! 😉

  5. lina says:

    Glad you are excited about the 2nd trimister and wish you luck in getting organized again !
    I love your new goals !

  6. Angelika says:

    I had totally not thought about Christmas. I am due early Jan, so that is really good thinking!!!
    Looking forward to posts from you again Kelsey! Glad you are feeling better..over here…not yet..but soon…please God!

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Hang in there, Angelika. I went from feeling absolutely terrible to mostly human within a few days. It wasn’t until I hit 12 weeks that I felt able to think clearly again.

  7. Jess says:

    I am so excited to follow along with the coming posts! We got way out of our routine after a long deployment and move into a new apartment, and word for word, I feel the same. There’s baby clutter and toys and laundry everywhere, we have been shameless budget-insubordinates, and dinner 3 out of 7 nights a week is a frozen pizza. 🙁 Mother of shame!
    Haha, anyway, can’t wait to see what good advice you’ve got! Thanks for sharing! =)

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Life goes through crazy stages and tidy, organized ones. We can do this, Jess! Just little baby steps at a time. 😉

  8. Amanda says:

    I am expecting my 5th child – I think with a similar due date to you (my oldest is 8 and my youngest is 9 months!!!). I am usually a very organised person but am finding it a struggle lately – two steps forward and one step back and I feel like I am never caught up. Love your ideas and looking forward to some encouragement and motivation. Bless you.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      How exciting! What a handful of blessings you have. Look on the bright side! Two steps forward and one step back is still progress. 😉

  9. Gin says:

    I’m expecting our second and like you have had a rough first trimester. your blog has been a lifesaver for me. Can’t wait to re-organize my life with you 🙂

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Glad to have you along, Gin. First trimesters can be so rough! Let’s get re-organized together! 😉

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