The Winner & Some Favorite Links

10443745_10154245255560298_1666684789_aAnd the winner of Samantha’s All-Natural Counter Spray is…

Hannah Stoffel!

(Hannah, I will be contacting you by email shortly to collect your mailing information)

For the rest of you, please check out Samantha’s website at and stock up on her affordable, all-natural, organic, chemical/gluten/gmo/toxin free cleaning and personal care products.

Now prepare yourself, because I’m going to throw a few of this week’s favorite links at you. Every single one of them is worth your time.  First up, 6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day.

woman-drinking-coffee-morning-thinking-pensive-thoughtful-13Next, 13 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping with Kids Less Torturous (or maybe even fun) 


And this one, which made me cry. Of course, I am pregnant so that probably didn’t help things. Anyhow, it’s a great read and excellent reminder at how quickly those little ones turn into big ones. That tiny blip on the ultrasound screen could be changing the world tomorrow. 😉



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