How to Organize A Kid’s Room (Guest Post)

During the past few weeks, I’ve learned that road construction, exposed internet lines, and enthusiastic grass mowing can indeed be a bad combination. We’ve been without internet for an ETERNITY going on two weeks now, but so far, I have survived.

Still, it has been much too quiet on the blog lately. That is why I am happy to introduce my friend, Sofia, who volunteered to share her organizing tips with us today. (Sofia is from London, so be sure to read this post with that crisp, lovely English accent.)


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Millions of parents around the world dread the messy rooms of their children, having to resort to absolute conditions and stiff rules to make sure they stay clean and organized. With annual events like birthdays or holidays and the jump to a new school, children may in fact get a boost and help keep things organized all on their own. So how does one get the help of their children when cleaning up their room? Well, the following tips will give you an idea what can be done and how you can approach the subject in a more calm and collected way:

  • Think Like a Child

You must get down to the height of your kids to understand how you can get things organized more efficiently. Check the space they have, as well as their possessions, storage and furniture pieces and see how you can improve upon them. Adult furniture doesn’t exactly work very well with small children, so you will need to consider other options. Folding closet doors may pinch fingers and hurt them, sticky dresser drawers can be pretty hard for small hands to deal with, closet hanging rods are too high and out of reach and so forth. If you really want to do some organizing the right way, then you will need to work on making things easier for your little ones. Remove closet doors entirely if you have small children, place some lower clothing rods and purchase smaller hangers for their clothes. Use containers for toys that are on the floor level, such as open plastic baskets or similar choices.

  • Making a Checklist

You should figure out a checklist and a routine for maintenance and cleaning of the room, for example at least once each week. This will allow you to keep things under control and easier to handle.

  • Bringing the Child Into Organizing

You should not have to deal with everything yourself, as kids can also help a great deal during the work you have to do. There is no sense in making the situation worse by telling your kids they have to do it or they’re grounded. You can think about it as a way of making it a learning activity if you handle it right. You can be a guide to your child, allowing them to understand why they need to organize things and how it benefits them in the long run. Ask questions and make sure your child tells you what works for them and go from there, as they will be the ones living in the room you’re planning on organizing. Proper feedback is key to success in this case, as you will have a much better chance at figuring things out together than by yourself.

  • Storing and Simplifying

Kids’ rooms are usually pretty small and often shared, so you will need to consider what useful storage you can create in the room. As long as the closet is crammed full and the drawers are filled too, your kids will have a hard time organizing anything. Downsizing may be a viable option if you need more space, but you should look for more storage alternatives if you can.

About the Author: Sofia Lewis is a passionate freelance article writer and blogger. She is inspired by home improvement projects and writes mainly about cleaning, organization, home decor, and other home related topics.

4 thoughts on “How to Organize A Kid’s Room (Guest Post)

  1. Beth S. says:

    Two weeks ago, our phone & Internet were out for 7 days. I feel your pain. I stayed at home the whole time, waiting for the repairman. He literally flipped some switch in the box at the top of our street & “fixed” it instantly.
    But I was shocked at the extra time I had here. My part of the garage, and 12 drawers were all de-cluttered.
    Great tips here in the blog post, as organizing the boys’ room here is a constant challenge, even when they’re older!
    Thanks, Beth S.

  2. Audrey DENIS says:

    How to keep the boy’s room tidy ( and the rest of the house which looks like a toy shop) has been an impossible challenge for the last couple of months…till I read on someone’s blog an article “Why I took all my kids toys away?” It first sounded very mean but after reading the article I understood that it was not a bad idea at all. I gave myself some thinking time about it and then decided that I would do the same… Don’t get me wrong I did not threw my kids toys away but they are not in our house anymore except their books, their favourite soft toys and the board games. Some of you may ask” Where are all the toys then?” As we live in a small house (80 square meters for a family of 4) my husband and I had the idea to build a wooden shed in the garden for extra storage. Unfortunately, it soon became a mess and was not used as we first intented to use it. Thinking time again in order to improve this extra space but after reading the article about tidying the kids room, I knew exactly what I was going to do…all the best toys are now in the wooden shed, all sorted in boxes. My boys now have to ask if they want a toy as the shed is locked when not used and they can pick one box at a time…when they have finished with it, they have to put it away before they are allowed to pick another box. This new system has changed our lives …no more nagging and wasting time trying to put things back in order with all the stress involved. This idea might help other people too.:)

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