My Favorite Finds (Practical Parenting Edition)

I feel like I link to this blog a lot, but Kendra, a Mom of 7, has so many practical, tried-and-true tips for parenting! Potty training my oldest child was a year-long nightmare. I’m hoping that with Kendra’s advice, things might be easier the next time around.

Potty training

Next up, a helpful article about parenting different personality types. I love all the personality difference resources out there. It kind of reminds me of The Birth Order Book (worth the read!) by Kevin Leman. This post helped me realize that my older child takes after me almost exactly (we’re both oldests, after all) and my second son is the toddler-version of my husband. Realizing some of those personality-affected tendencies can help me parent them better.

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Lastly, I have a big family announcement coming up on the blog soon (We’re moving!!). Ahh, did I just blurt that out loud? Anyhow, with an eleven hour difference between our family and new home, I know this post is going to come in handy quite a bit. Tips for Travelling with Toddlers. Lots of gold to be found here!

Packing for the first deputation trip

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  1. Candice L. says:

    Can’t wait to check out these links! Good luck with the move. About 6 months ago we moved cross-country and are now 24 hours away from our nearest family. Preparing for it now and reading up on advice and strategies will definitely be beneficial. Best of luck to you!

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