An Organized January

An organized January!It’s January! A new start to a New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to fresh starts and new beginnings. This year definitely brings a lot of newness to our family. We have a new home to adjust to (and decorate!) and a new family member (who’s doing great, by the way). Being organized is going to be more important than ever, since we’ll need all the extra sanity we can get around here.

I’m going to try something a bit new on the blog this year. At the beginning of each month, I’m going to post my goals for the month. It’s basically an updated version of what I posted last year, if you’d like to peek ahead…

My Month-By-Month Plan for the Entire Year

If the project merits it, I’ll do a post spotlighting how I completed each project. You’re welcome to join in the fun as well! Tell me what YOUR goals are for the month and lets keep ourselves accountable.

Here’s what I’m aiming to accomplish this month. You’ll notice I have a lot of planning and revamping projects on my to-do-list. With a little planning in the beginning, I hope to make the rest of the year more INTENTIONAL on all fronts. Hooray for less wasted time and effort!

January goals

If you’re wanting to eavesdrop and follow along with my goals, now’s your chance to cross the first thing off your list.

Who of your close friends and family has a birthday in January? Chances are they frequently get forgotten in the after-Christmas bustle, so now’s the year to remember them and make them feel special. Look in your calendar (or facebook, if need be) and jot down what gifts you need to purchase. If they need to be ordered online, get it done now.

As soon as the gifts make it home from the store (or are delivered to your doorstep), wrap them and stick them in a designated cabinet or closet shelf. Let’s get in the habit of ALWAYS having those gifts pre-purchased and ready to give when it’s time. Be sure to write important birthdays into your calendar if you need to be reminded!

Who’s ready for a more organized and intentional 2015? Let me know what goals YOU have this month!

2 thoughts on “An Organized January

  1. debtgal says:

    My birthday is 1/4, so I appreciate you thinking of those of us with January birthdays. 🙂

    I’m trying annual goals this year, within monthly check-ins. My 2015 goals are: (1) Pay down $5,000 of debt; (2) Bake bread at least once per month; (3) Create chore list for my daughter and make it part of her routine; (4) Create a meal plan for every week; (5) Develop and implement monthly house-cleaning schedule; (6) Grow 200 pounds of produce this summer; (7) Read 15 books; (8) Redesign my blog; (9) Pay off remaining small business income; (10) Have monthly financial meetings with my husband; (11) Visit Aldi to develop informed opinion, and incorporate into regular shopping routine, if appropriate; (12) Make ahead and freeze two meals per month.

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