Things I’ve Learned from my Blog-cation

I’m a go-getter by nature. I set my goals and I get to them one way or another. That’s just how I’m wired. It’s a gift from God in many ways, but it also has its downsides. When I don’t reach my goals, I’m tempted to feel like a failure, even when I shouldn’t.

This blog has been representative of both aspects in many ways. I’ve seen OrganizingLifeWithLittles rise and go further than I ever expected. This time last year, I was being featured on radio and on several big-name blogs I’d followed for ages. It was thrilling, exciting, and inspired me to work harder on it. I set my goal to publish three times a week minimum and answer every single blog comment in person (because every single one is read and appreciated).

But then, the same God who blesses us, also likes to slow us down a little sometimes. He likes to be sure I keep my feet and heart where they are supposed to be. 2014 was a rough year. I got pregnant with Becket, and with the pregnancy got very sick as usual. I stayed sick longer and got back on my feet later than I had with my other two. By mid-2nd trimester, I had two needy children who had watched too much television lately and a house that definitely didn’t look like I ran an organizing blog.

I had to choose… Write about organizing like a hypocrite or catch up on the chaos in my real life. I chose the latter. I loved on my children and tried to restore order in my home. Just in time to discover that we were moving across country!

We bought a home eleven hours away that needed quite a bit of work on it. This meant several back-and-forth trips for my husband, while I held down the family, at-home business, AND tried packing up the house without him. That process took months. Did I mention how little energy I have in life when huge and achey and pregnant?

Anyhow, Baby Becket arrived on Christmas Day, healthy and handsome. A beautiful token of God’s promise to make all our efforts worthwhile. I felt like I had run a race and reached the prize. Well, almost, since we still had the move in early January.

Once January arrived, I was feeling wonderfully refreshed physically (post partum is always easier for me than pregnancy!). I made my mind up to return to blogging with a vengeance. 2015 would be the year for regular posting again!

There was just one little thing I had left on our to-do-list. Move! Finally, we packed up our little home in Illinois and arrived at our new home in Virginia. It was beautiful, and my husband’s hard work during all those months away clearly showed. But there were boxes, and still are, in every corner, and settling in with a newborn and a bunch of littles didn’t happen overnight like I naively hoped.

Oh, and I had NO internet. We live way out in the country now, on a gorgeous mountaintop that I love in so many other ways. Except for the no-internet part. The withdrawals were hard, but it was an opportunity to focus more on my little family and home, an opportunity that was good for all of us.

Finally, the internet-people arrived for the installation yesterday. My four-year-old hugged him and thanked him for bringing Netflix back. I felt like hugging him too, but I restrained myself.

Anyhow, here I am. I had grand plans of a month-by-month series, which I still intend to do, but January has completely flown by without me. I still have some Organized January posts, but I’ll be posting those in February like a complete class act.

So this post comes as an explanation, and almost an apology, but not quite. Why not? Because I don’t think I could have or should have done any differently. I think God taught me in 2014 that I have more basic priorities at the moment.

I love this blog and I love you all, my amazing readers. But I’m a Mother and Wife, first and foremost. I make a happy bit of extra income from this blog, but that was accidental thing to begin with and never my calling.

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I shouldn’t consider myself a professional blogger at all. I’m a hobby blogger at best, and if I’m honest with myself, it’s best that I keep things that way. I don’t need that extra guilt on my to-do-list. You know… that other thing I really should do but haven’t yet. That’s just not my stage of life right now.

What stage of life am I in?

I’m in the stage with three little souls to raise. Three little souls who can’t yet buckle themselves, feed themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, or sleep through the night yet. It’s doggone hard work, but I know it’ll be worth it in a few more years. Life won’t always be this crazy.

Eventually, if I play my cards right, I’ll have three young men in the house who can take out the trash and wash the dinner dishes for me. And maybe then I’ll have time to blog three times a week.

One can hope.

(NOTE: I’m still intending to blog. Don’t get worried! I’m just going to return here on an as-possible basis. And if I don’t respond to your comments, it’s probably because I’m holding a baby and have only one hand to type. I still read and appreciate each one!)

12 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned from my Blog-cation

  1. debtgal says:

    I love this post! It’s so honest and real. You did indeed have a crazy 2014! I look forward to reading future posts – however often you can get to them. πŸ™‚

  2. CS says:

    You absolutely did the right thing. And take your time now too. We readers won’t notice irregularity, bc we’re so in awe of you ever having time to write at all! Btw, I’m really appreciating your list of things to consider teaching my child at each stage. She’ll be 2 this month. Any posts/resources about potty-training would be appreciated!

  3. AthenaC says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well!

  4. Amy says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I also have the “go-getter” personality, and I know how easy it can be to get discouraged at not being able to stay on top of all of the projects, all of the time. With a baby due any day now, I needed this reminder to let myself put down some “less important” things for a while. If they’re worthwhile, God will let us pick them up again, later! (And thanks also for the visual of future older children taking out the trash and washing the dishes…. it sounds too good to be true! I may or may not start a countdown calendar! haha.)

  5. Theresa says:

    I’m sitting here, nursing my 11 month old and reading my emails because it’s the only time he isn’t climbing the stairs or stuffing his mouth full of Legos. I’m always amazed by your wisdom and I really want to commend you for the clarity of your long- term vision. At 48, with my eleventh child still a baby, I always tell young mothers, ” If someone could have figured out an efficient way to do this job, it certainly would have been me after 25 years of trying! If God intended for mother’s to have spotless homes, he would have made babies lower maintenance.” You will NEVER regret focusing on your beautiful children above everything else, even though it sometimes takes a will of steel to ignore the blooming chaos.
    When I was a young mother, my own mother told me something that I cling to on my worst days- -Every time you give your baby a drink or rock him to comfort him or care for any of his needs, you’re performing corporeal and spiritual acts of mercy. This is what matters most in your daily life. When Christ said,” Feed my lambs,” he meant wherever you found them, even in your own home.
    This, and gallons of coffee, has sustained me through many moments of frustration so I thought I’d pass it along. Please post when you have time- you truly are using a God- given gift as He must have intended- but your words are so fortifying, they don’t need to be frequent. God bless and kiss those beautiful babies for us.

  6. Jeanine says:

    I’ve read many of your posts before; all so well spoken! What draws us to them is the thread of spirituality. When we believe that our little ones are gifts from God, everything else really does fall into place. When I was a younger mother, I always tried to keep in mind what I had heard so many times before, ‘enjoy each stage, they do pass.’ The only guilt I tried to keep at bay was from the pediatrician’s question on how much TV time our young ones had! πŸ™‚ Our children range in age from 18 down to 8 now, they all have those daily chores; THAT day really does come, & motherhood is still the best & most important work!

  7. Valerie K says:

    Good for you! You have your priorities straight and that makes me an even bigger fan of yours because I feel like I can relate to someone who loves being a wise mother more than a blogger. I often wonder what some of the other bloggers I follow do with their kids while they’re constantly posting. We appreciate whatever tips you have to share, but more importantly, I at least appreciate honesty, reality, and genuineness(…is that a word?) Enjoy your littles while they’re little, the blog will always be there, tiny newborns won’t. πŸ™‚

  8. Audrey DENIS says:

    Hi Kelsey. I am glad to hear that you and your family had a safe move to Virginia. Thank you for this post. Parenting is not an easy job but as you say must remain a priority. This is why I enjoy reading your blog (the only blog I read by the way!). πŸ™‚

  9. Keena says:

    I just recently found your blog, and I love it! I also live in the mountains of Virginia. Welcome! I often struggle with juggling things around the house and our daughter. We will also be moving soon (only across town), and I say things will get done when they get done. The dishes will still be there tomorrow. My daughter is more important. Kudos to you for sticking to it too!

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