ONE Thing You Can Do NOW to End Abortion

One thing you can do now to end abortion

I’ve been watching the horrors of the Planned Parenthood exposure for months. I’ve seen the grisly videos, I’ve read the appalling comments in support, I’ve heard politicians and media moguls plug their ears and point fingers elsewhere. I’ve felt the nausea of disgust and have the despair of hopelessness.

I nurse my child as I read the articles. I feel his little toes and trace his little cheeks with my finger, all the while wondering at the callousness it must take to reach a blade inside of a womb meant for giving life and chop a wriggling, pain-feeling child to pieces.

It takes a special kind of selfishness, to not want to ‘get fat’ badly enough, to hate being nauseated strongly enough, that it’s worth it to a woman to kill her own offspring. After you feel her body kick and roll inside of you. After you know he’s real.

It takes a special kind of greed to be the ‘provider’. To be the overseer of such an operation, that would tear, and cut, and scrape away the money-making bits from an infant and then put those pieces in a little glass jar for profit. Christ said it would be better for a man to have a millstone tied around his neck and thrown into the sea, than to hurt one of his little ones. There surely is a special place in hell for such deceitful ‘caregivers’.

But what can we do? Besides pray. Besides donating money to the whistle-blowers and freedom fighters. What can we do? What can we do NOW?

Would it help to adopt a child?” I asked my husband over dinner. “Would that make any difference at all?” He knew we would be willing. If the opportunity arose, to either claim a life as ours to raise or let it be killed, what other choice would we have?

But my husband shook his head. “No, the waiting list to adopt a baby in the US is years-long already. There are so many couples struggling with infertility. It’s not a matter of not having enough homes willing to take them in. It’s a matter of women not willing to be pregnant. They don’t want to carry an unwanted child.”

It’s too much work. They’d rather kill it.

But that answer hurts somehow. It means I can’t change things. I can’t make a mother carry her child against her will. Abortion is legal, after all. It means I must sit by. It means I must let it continue.

It’s easy to get lost in the helplessness. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by this world’s evil. I can pray, but what can I do?

Mommy, mommy! Look at my lego fort!” It’s my five year old, proudly displaying his newest citadel on the table. 

That’s nice, love,” I say, returning my eyes to the screen. I read on about the hopelessness.

Mommy, mommy! Mommy, look!” Gabriel is at my side now, not satisfied. Once he senses my full attention on him, his face beams and he crosses to the other side of the table. “This is where the bad-guy army lives. It is their evil fortress. And here is where the good guy army is. Oh, and here is where we fight.”

That’s a good battle scene, Gabriel. But who’s going to win?”

Gabriel smiles, as if the answer is obvious. “Why, the good guys, of course. Will you teach me how to build them a castle?”

Of course, the good guys will win. That’s what I always teach him, after all. Like Christ told the apostle Peter, “On this rock I will build my church, and even the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. ” (Matt. 16:18) That’s what the Angel of God told Joshua, and Gideon, and Moses over and over again… “Do not be afraid. I have delivered them into your hands.” (Numbers 21, Joshua 1, Judges 6)

Of course, the good-guys will win. It may not be now, but it will happen eventually. And then I realized… I may not be able to save other peoples’ children myself, the ones their own mothers are determined to kill, but Christ can use me to raise up mine.

I put down my screen.

Sure, Gabriel. Let me teach you how to build a castle.”

When you’re feeling hopeless about the world’s situation, when the darkness seems too much to bear… Here is one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to make it better.

Put down you screen and turn your face to your children. Teach them, love them, train them in righteousness. Lead them in the Ways that are better than the World’s ways.

Teach them to value life. Let them be the fearless voice exposing Hitler’s holocaust to the uninformed German citizens who lived just down the road from Auschwitz.

Teach your sons to honor and protect women, instead of using them and throwing them away afterward. Teach your daughters to find proper men, and not boys, and to give themselves to a single, trustworthy man wisely. Teach your daughters that it’s a privilege, albeit a sacrifice, to be the vessel of another life brought into this world. Teach them the value of such a miracle, no matter what discomfort it may provide.

Teach your children, so they can teach their children after them.

This world hates children. If they don’t kill them in the womb, they try to hand them off to someone else to raise. There is daycare and after-school care and summer camps to fill in every hole a parent might have to be responsible for. Mom and Dad’s joke about what nuisances their children are. They complain about how expensive they are. It’s becoming more and more common to just never have them in the firstplace because they may interfere with your career or dreams of independence and travel.

We resent children because they’re weak and needy. Yes, they always seem to need something from us. Whether that’s a drink of water for your toddler in the middle of the night or help with math homework in the afternoon when you were hoping for a bag of popcorn and a movie. It can be exhausting, and go against the grain of our self-serving nature, but that’s okay.

Because that is how we learn, as parents, to become more Christ-like. Don’t we always ask and need things of our Savior? And yet, he never tires of providing for us, seeing to our needs, loving us despite ourselves, and gently correcting us when we stray. Because His love is perfect. And that is what we are called to imitate.

Put your screen down and love your children now. Don’t just tell them you love them. Show them with your hands.

Pause your ‘grown-up’ article reading and make a lego castle. Make them that dinner you know they enjoy. Meet their eyes. Smile at them with your heart. Ask them sincerely about their day. It may seem like a little thing here and there, but it adds up, hour by hour, day by day, year by year, until they are grown and having children of their own. Teach them about Christ’s love and they will understand it better, because they understand their Mother’s.

Teach them to love children and value them as the blessing they are. Teach them to use their strength to protect the weak. Teach them not to fear evil, for the Creator stands on their side.

It’s a high calling, parenthood. It’s not for wussies. To represent Christ that way is a huge responsibility.

But it is world-changing. Literally.

Because a Christ-loving Mom and Dad can raise up several other Christ-loving wives, husbands, friends, coworkers, employees, and teachers for the next generation. They can impact pro-life/pro-murder legislation better than I can. What is a government, if not a reflection of it’s people?

And that is how we will end great evils like abortion. While the wicked kill off their children or never conceive them at all, we will multiply. And we will love them, train them, and teach them to do likewise. When given the opportunity, we will adopt theirs and raise them as our own.

Unless we let our guard down and allow them to steal our children by infiltrating their minds, our enemies don’t stand a chance. If it’s a numbers game, they’re doomed to failure. And that’s my plan for taking over the world. Or maybe it was God’s? Let’s use our hands to be fruitful, to multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:28).

So let me say this one more time… Here is one thing you can do NOW.

Put your screen down, and go show your children the love of Christ.

And even the gates of Hell will not prevail.

15 thoughts on “ONE Thing You Can Do NOW to End Abortion

  1. Jeanine says:

    This is amazing, and brought tears to my eyes! Satan is raging and you’re right the only things we can do are pray and teach and love our children 🙂 Keep on writing.

  2. Kaylee Trammell says:

    So, so good!! Thanks for the words of encouragement. Great article, Kelsey!

  3. Heidi says:

    Very good, Kelsey. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Jen says:

    Powerful words! Beautifully written. Thank you.

  5. paule says:

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was thinking in the last few months!! I live in Lithuania where is plenty of orphanages, i hope i will have a chance to adopt when my little gang gets out of nappies..

  6. Jennifer Lynne Frisk says:

    I hear your message, and I’m assuming I get your ultimate point. I think those two things are phenomenal.

    However, I have to comment on the first part of your post. In your outrage against the act of abortion and the scandal that is this Planned Parenthood debacle, you seem to forget that the individuals who are getting abortions are people. They are not evil, not wicked (at least most of them). They are hurting, often hopeless people who feel they have no other choice. They have made poor choices, but they are still people.

    And the medical professionals? They are people, too. They are doctors and nurses who feel they are giving hope, a chance to thrive. They believe they are doing the right thing.

    I agree with you that abortion is wrong and sinful, but please remember that those involved are people. Please do not condemn them; let’s love them and show them there are options.

    • Angelika says:

      There are also plenty of desperate hurting people who choose to keep their babies..after all, there are plenty of adoptive parents. Saying “they’re just people” does not excuse their actions. God says we are all sinners. And it is entirely biblical to both pray for these people and their repentance, love them and help them as we get the chance to, and cry out to God to deal with their unjust actions, in this life, and the next. Read the psalms, you’ll find crying out to God for justice quite biblical.

  7. AthenaC says:

    I can already point to one couple we know that had been committed to never having children because they “didn’t want to bring a child into a world like this.” So when they saw us and our two children, expecting a third, they asked us, “How are you okay with having children? Just look around!”

    We explained that one of the best ways to change the world is to raise the next generation right, so we are doing our part to contribute to making the world a better place. Plus it’s pretty neat to slowly get to know another little person as they grow.

    Six months later they told us they were expecting. That was three years ago and they make AMAZING parents!

  8. Angelika says:

    Well done Kelsey. Your article is such a great display of the thoughts and emotions running through many Christians’ minds at the moment. I am grateful you showed us the battle inside your heart, and pointed us to God’s truth. I really appreciate your taking time to write these things.
    I’m gonna go build a castle (except in my case it will probably be for Cinderella and the prince…ya know…) !

  9. Excellent article, Kelsey. FYI, there is only a years-long adoption waiting list for “perfect” babies–the ones everyone wants. At-risk children carry no guarantees of a happy outcome. (Come to think of it, no child comes with a money-back guarantee.)This should not deter you from considering adoption if you and your husband are willing to pray through the process and go in with eyes wide open, Christian adoption is a specific ministry–a calling from the Lord. It should not be attempted by the faint-hearted.

    • I'm Kelsey! says:

      Hi, Melody! My brother was adopted so it’s always been something I’ve been open to. Right now, my hands are fairly full with the little ones I have, but we’ll see what the future holds!

  10. Leslie says:

    Bravo! Thanks for taking the time to give the advice that reminds me how important my job is….. loving being a homeschooling moml

  11. Amanda B says:

    Good Morning Kelsey!

    Thank you for sharing your heart through your blog! This “touches home” in so many aspects!! I couldn’t agree with you more in the biggest portion of your blog post. I know that my children (son, age 6 and daughter, age 2) are OUR WHOLE WORLD! We want for our children to experience church camp and extra curricular activities… not because we want a “break” from them and not because they are a “nuisance”… but because I was able to experience those things as a child and LOVED them! My son goes to a really great Christian private school and my daughter goes to a “private care” babysitter. This is not because I want a break from them during the day, it is only because we have a goal to be 100% debt free before we are 30. Maybe I misunderstood in your post.

    Anyway, thank you again for your, always, touching posts! You are a great blogger and I look forward to more blog posts!

    A “Living Life with Littles” follower,


  12. Phylla says:

    There are plenty of babies and children available for adoption. It just takes time and patience. Some may not look like you (is that an issue?). Some may have special needs. But to say that there are “none available” is wrong–unless you only want a perfect baby.

  13. Allison says:

    You have greatly oversimplified the issue of abortion. And, as one commenter pointed out, you have forgotten the humanity of the doctors and women involved.

    I have been involved in women’s healthcare for a few years now and I have witnessed so many things. And I’ve found that asking questions and challenging people to see the issue from the point of view of the mother is very powerful.

    One woman I worked with was pregnant with a very much wanted baby. She had a medical condition that made pregnancy dangerous. At about 25 weeks (generally considered “viable”) she started having symptoms of pre-eclampsia despite the treatment we had been providing. This is a serious threat to her health and, can very easily kill her. Her baby wasn’t growing and was likely to die very soon. Since her baby was so small, there was nothing we could do if it was born as our equipment is not small enough and even if it was, outcomes are pretty abysmal for babies that tiny. She opted for abortion. So she could live for her husband and other child.

    I took care of another woman who was so nauseous and had morning sickness so bad that she ended up hospitalized for MONTHS and had a feeding tube placed. She carried to nearly term. But she was in excruciating nerve pain from impingement due to the growing uterus as well as having the nausea. She had to use a walker to get around. I could not force someone to go through that against their will simply because I do not like the alternative.

    I have cared for women who have become pregnant and know their parents will disown them or “punish” them – code for abuse in some households if they find out. Abortion has saved them.

    Did you know in the majority of states a rapist has the legal ability to sue for custody? And that would mean that the woman would be forced to see her rapist once a week or so for EIGHTEEN years?

    Did you know that the leading cause of death for pregnant women after car accidents is homicide? If a woman is in an abusive relationship and becomes pregnant, it might lead to her murder. And if it doesn’t, she can become trapped in that relationship, as in the above example of rapists suing for cuatody.

    The issue is SO much more complex and nuanced than “she doesn’t want to get fat” or “doesn’t want to be nauseous”. Pregnancy is very dangerous for some women. And abortion absolutely must be an option for them. And, being such a nuanced subject, a black and white law will not be flexible enough.

    There ARE things you can do now to reduce the number of abortions. Absolutely there are. Volunteer at women’s shelters. Be available to women in need or who are trying to escape a bad relationship. Advocate for women’s rights. If fewer women lived in poverty, fewer would feel forced to choose abortion. Advocate (super important here) for more rights for parents – mandatory, paid maternity leave, mandatory, paid PAternity leave (for dads and parents of adopted kids), rooms available for pumping for breastfeeding moms, protection for their jobs if they become pregnant and must miss work for prenatal visits, better access to childcare, the list is endless.

    And, lastly, fight for FREE or LOW COST birth control. If a woman never becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she won’t even have to consider abortion. You should be fighting FOR Planned Parenthood. They have prevented FAR MORE abortions than they have performed. And, federal funding is already barred from being used for abortions. So the federal funding is going to health maintenance and birth control to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

    My challenge to all pro-life folks – Stop protesting outside clinics. Start showing LOVE to women who are struggling. Give support to them. Stop showing hate and anger to vulnerable women who are suffering. That’s not stopping anything. Show love and respect for the doctors and staff who provide abortions. These men and women are providing life-saving procedures to many women. And despite popular belief, most make far more by keeping a woman pregnant (all those prenatal visits then the delivery…) than they do on a $200 abortion. And, I speak from experience here, almost every single one of them would much rather deliver a healthy baby to a healthy mom. But, they realize that’s not always an option and that abortion is a needed service and they provide it, with love and compassion for the women who need it.

    No one likes abortion. Basically everyone can agree that there should be fewer. But laws don’t reduce the number. Loving women who feel they have no choice does. Fighting to make single motherhood easier does. Providing affordable birth control does. Providing long acting birth control like IUDs and the Implanon does. Please, think about this. Please approach this subject with love and compassion for all involved. Please realize these women are hurting and hate and vitriol is not helping.

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